brutalist film

I don’t want to see any filming on the Aylesbury that portrays violence and all the things that are not right for the estate…We all did welcome them at first because there was funding coming from the film companies…I think that over time it was the same subjects being used…. violence, drugs and run-down areas, which then portrayed the estate as a hell-hole… film-makers will not be welcome unless somebody comes along with a decent story that doesn’t portray us as ‘hell’s waiting room’ with a negative image.

Jean Bartlett, London estate resident, quoted in Craig Berry, "Dystopian Utopias: Brutalism in Popular Culture" (19 Sept 2019)

Peter Chadwick, A Brutalist Guide to the Film High-Rise


High Rise (Ben Wheatley, 2015).
Based on J.G. Ballard's novel High Rise (1975)

Last and First Men (Jóhann Jóhannsson, 2019).
Based on Olaf Stapledon's novel The Last and First Men (1930)